Attending One of Our Rides

RDA provides opportunities for therapy, achievement and fun; and has multiple benefits for children and adults with a wide range of disabilities – including physical disability, cognitive difficulties & disabilities, autism, developmental delay and emotional disorders.

Current rides :   Monday and Wednesday evenings

If you would like to attend a ride, or know somebody who might benefit from participating in our riding sessions, please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit or to find further details.

Applying to ride:

Prospective riders will need to complete an application form , including details about the specific nature of disability.

To request an application form, please contact the Group – via the Contact page on this site

We will be happy to answer any initial questions and send out the documents to you.

Please note:   The Group does currently operate a waiting list, and can only offer a ride when a suitable pony is available

 Data Protection:

All personal information held by the Group is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be handled according to the eight data handling principals of the Act.

The Group has notified the Information Commissioner’s Office of its data handling activities, in accordance with their legal obligations.


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