Tom Shaw – Parent of Riders

Hi, I’m Tom Shaw and I’m Heather and Lilliannes’ dad. My daughters have “Retts syndrome”: a genetic disorder resulting in Severe learning Disability and Physical Disabilities.  Heather and Lillianne love the outdoors, they love making new friends and maintaining old ones,and they both love animals. It’s important that they enjoy a good quality of life, not be restricted by their disability and just as important they have fun!

That’s where Camsley Grange Riding for the Disabled Association Group come in…

Horse riding for people with disabilities not only benefits mobility, posture and co-ordination, but also encourages the development of personal confidence and self esteem all the time whilst having fun.  Heather and Lilliannes’ physical disabilities can be prevented from worsening by maintaining good posture, good physical therapy and co-ordination, in short horse riding is just what the doctor ordered!

Heather and Lillianne ride on Wednesday evenings along with other people with disabilities. There are also rides on Monday evenings and pony care sessions. How is all this made possible?  It all costs money, persons dedication and time but Camsley Grange Group make this all possible…

Where do I come into all this? Well, as I’ve already mentioned I’m dad to Heather and Lillianne whom are active members of the group, but I’m also one of a dedicated number of volunteers whom quite frankly without such the group would cease to function. “Vols” as we are amicably known act as “leaders” for the horses, act as “side walkers” during the sessions to make sure the riders are safe, they “tac up” the horses prior to the session and brush them down after. They are invaluable and contribute greatly to a safe, successful and fun packed ride twice a week. Look at the photo’s!!

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